Uncle Rooster’s Illustrated Primer For Free-Range Chickens

17 Aug

Instructions for Chickens:

Remember that you need to have completed all of the preliminary quests (Which Laid First, The Early Bird, and The Sky is Falling, and all six Flying the Coop quests) before you can take part in a Free Range run.  If you’re not sure whether you’ve gotten these done, talk to George at Sandson’s.  If he offers you a quest called “Free Range”, you’re set.  If not, you’ll need to do the quests he offers you first.

Please be at Sandson’s Farm no later than 5 pm server time.

We will be using Discord as our voice chat system for the run.  You can download the client in advance from https://discordapp.com/ , or you can just run it through a Web browser!  I’ll post the invite link here on the morning of the run; once you’re connected to “Sandson’s Farm”, come to “The Yard”.

Once you “chicken up”, I advise you to type the following command:

/shortcut 6 /follow

This way, if you want to go on follow, just click on Uncle Rooster or another chicken and hit your 6 key.  You will be doing that frequently, and this shortcut will make it easier.

Another helpful tool you can use: Once you’ve chickened up, hold your cursor over Hologro and hit the H key.  This will generate a tooltip window that you can move to the side of the screen.  If you have trouble seeing me, clicking on the tooltip window will select me, assuming I’m within 100 meters of you.

Your quest is to talk once more to the animals you talked to during the earlier quests, and also to locate several “chicken stones” throughout Eriador, which will look like this:

chicken stone

The most confusing part of Free Range play for new chickens is this: When you step on a chicken stone, you will not get a game notification message!  This is why we encourage you to add the deeds for the current region to your quest tracker as we go.  The only way you’ll be sure that you got credit for the stone is from the deed listing.

As Rozalinde always said, Free Range is 98% travel and 2% terror.  For the most part, you’ll just be closely following Uncle Rooster and staying within the protective confines of the escorts.  When you need to stop following me and stand on a chicken stone or talk to an animal, I’ll let you know.  I’ll also ask you to stop using /follow when we’re on narrow bridges or switchbacks, as a too-tight turn that results in a fall could kill you.  (Remember, we can handle the mobs for you, but no escort can save you from falling damage.)

Expect the run to take around six hours.  There should be plenty of relatively quiet stretches when it will be safe to stay on /follow for extended stretches.

If you arrive late and have to join the group after we’ve begun and miss the earliest regions, or if it turns out that you missed a stone somewhere along the way, we will probably have several escorts willing to travel with you so you can get them.  I can’t promise anything, but our escorts tend to be a ferocious, determined, and helpful lot, even after playing for six hours straight.  (I once stayed online ninety minutes past the end of the run to do just that.)

And remember, Free Range play is unlike anything else in LOTRO, and “Crosser of Roads” is one of the hardest titles to earn in this game.  Revel in the experience, and know that when you see someone else with the title, that you and they are among the few who know what it was like to be there.

(And if your chicken doesn’t make it to the Last Bridge?  You should still revel in the experiences, and take comfort in knowing that we’ll be doing this again in a few months.)  (Probably.)

Don’t forget to thank your escorts after we’re done!

I will be updating this post as needed, so please check back here on the day of the run in case I’ve added anything.

– Hologro, aka uncle Rooster


5 Responses to “Uncle Rooster’s Illustrated Primer For Free-Range Chickens”

  1. kargach August 22, 2016 at 5:22 pm #

    Updated the post to add that we’ll be using Discord for voice chat. Check back on Saturday for the invite URL.

  2. kargach August 27, 2016 at 8:04 pm #

    My route (no time to reformat, sorry about that):

    For stops tagged with letter codes:
    REGION (D for Duillond ’cause I ran out of letters)
    stone or animal
    position within its region
    “x” denotes a deed completion

    Ss1 Bag End (29.4S, 71.4W)
    Es1 Annuminas (17.4S, 68.8W) (wait for respawns)
    Es2 Gwindethrond (13.7S, 75.9W)
    Ea1x Longbough (6.1S, 72.0W) (Evendim Traveller)
    Es3x Ost Forod (7.9S, 63.9W) (Evendim Explorer)
    Barandalf (advance team to Rivendell)
    nest Oatbarton (23.7S, 67.8W)
    nest Highmoors (33.1S, 6.0W)
    Ta1x Roheryn (29.2S, 6.6W) (Trollshaws Traveller)
    Ts1 Gloin’s Camp (24.7S, 4.1W)
    Ts2 The Bitter Stair (17.7S, 1.7W) (wait for respawns)
    Rivendell (advance team to the Shire)
    Ts3x Spire of Meeting (30.0S, 4.6W) (Trollshaws Explorer)
    nest Highmoors (33.1S, 6.0W)
    nest Oatbarton (23.7S, 67.8W) (chickens meet escorts at road south)
    Bag End (29.4S, 71.4W) (in case anyone didn’t get it the first time)
    Ss2 Mathom House (33.4S, 75.5W)
    Sa1 Old Sally (34.0S, 70.0W) (may need to respawn if player is doing that quest)
    Sa2 Fox (33.3S, 67.8W)
    Sa3x Wolf, Fang, Grip (34.3S, 64.4W) (Shire Traveller)
    Ss3x Brandywine Bridge (31.4S, 62.9W) (Shire Explorer)
    Ba1 Cow (31.9S, 62.4W)
    Adso’s Camp
    Barrow Downs
    Bs1 Tom Bombadil’s House (32.7S, 57.1W)
    Bs2 Othrongoth (Great Barrow) (33.9S, 55.8W)
    Ba2 Wink the cat (30.2S, 52.0W)
    Bs3x Prancing Pony (29.8S, 51.2W) (Bree-land Explorer)
    Ba3 Hengstacer Horse (22.3S, 52.1W) (advance team to Ered Luin)
    nest Trestlebridge (16.2S, 53.6W)
    nest Duillond (24.9S, 91.9W)
    Ds1 Duillond stable (24.4S, 93.2W)
    Da1x Lynx mother (21.6S, 94.2W) (Ered Luin Traveller)
    Ds2 Kheledul (21.6S, 92.5W)
    Ds3x Thorin’s Hall (13.9S, 103.3W) (Ered Luin Explorer) (advance team to North Downs via West Bree)
    nest Duillond (24.9S, 91.9W)
    nest Trestlebridge (16.2S, 53.6W)
    Ns1 Fornost (6.0S, 55.3W)
    Ns2 Gatson’s Farm (10.2S, 45.7W)
    Na2x Aurochs yearling (11.2S, 44.3W) (North Downs Traveller)
    Ns3x Esteldin (9.6S, 41.4W) (North Downs Explorer)
    As1 Lehma-Koti (2.9S, 39.0W)
    As2 Aughaire (0.1S, 40.2W)
    As3x Tyrn Lhuig (1.8S, 33.2W) (Angmar Explorer) (advance team to Bree-land)
    nest Malenhad (2.2N, 34.2W)
    nest Nen Harn (19.9S, 41.9W)
    Ba4 Grey squirrel (21.6S, 42.6W)
    Ba5x Sniken (32.5S, 43.5W) (Bree-land Traveller)
    Ls1 Forsaken Inn (34.1S, 40.6W)
    Ls2 Weathertop (31.3S, 37.1W)
    La1x Radagast (31.2S, 30W) (Lone-lands Traveller)
    Ls3x Last Bridge (33.6S, 23.0W) (Lone-lands Explorer)

  3. kargach January 28, 2017 at 3:10 pm #

    Discord link for today’s run: https://discord.gg/C5NWs


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